Diamond Financial Franchisors Services

Franchise Lenders (Diamond Financial Services of New Jersey) provides the following services to your company:

Pre-Qualify Your Franchisees

and candidates (with an online link on your company website). We will send you simple link setup package so you can track your referrals and see who is pre-qualified and is serious.

Franchisor Corporate Financing

Our FranBank Conventional Loan program and other products can assist Franchisor growth.

Status Reports

Upon request, we will provide a weekly update of your referrals as to where they are in funding process.

Custom Online Financing Flyers

We will put your company logo on any flyers/forms/applications requested. Hard copy flyers to hand out at tradeshows is also available.

Conference Calls via Zoom

With you, your associate and your franchisee. Also, with your team to discuss our program and the current state of Franchise Lending.

Franchise Lenders Can Help You Expand Nationally

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Get Pre-Qualified

No cost or obligation to get pre-qualified

Diamond Financial does not pull your credit report or affect your FICO score

We are not a direct bank.

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