Equipment Leasing

Leasing is an affordable way to acquire equipment quickly without huge out of pocket expenses. At Franchise Leasing we can assist your franchise with all your leasing needs.

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Download our informational flyer to learn about the benefits of equipment leasing for franchisees. Get tips on improving your cash flow and acquiring the latest equipment through flexible leasing options.

Equipment leasing

Build your business with equipment financing

When your business needs upgraded equipment or technology to better serve your customers, you need access to payment options quickly. Franchise Lenders is here to help.

Criteria Summary For Equipment Leasing

Business Equipment Financing: The Right Tool to Help Your Business Grow

Studies show that 80% of companies lease some or all of their equipment! Over 1/3 of all acquired equipment in the U.S. is leased!

Leasing provides many benefits, but the most important is better cash flow for your company, since leasing typically carries little in the way of up-front costs. Leasing is easier and faster than bank financing, and it allows you to have the latest equipment.

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