Diamond Financial Paves Way for Three Unit Deal With Buzz Brand Sugar Sugar™

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Picture of Don Johnson

Don Johnson

Don Johnson has over 25 years of business ownership experience having owned and sold two successful businesses. Don has been involved in business and franchise lending for over 20 years as an owner of Diamond Financial Services (New Jersey office) as well as Principal and Director of Business Development for A. B. Nicholas, LLC, a specialty lending firm.

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Finances Another Multi-Unit Franchise Agreement, With This Time in the Denver Area, Will Very Soon Bring the Franchising Powerhouse to Colorado

Diamond Financial (FranchiseLenders.com) announced today it has financed a three-unit deal with Sugar Sugar with an SBA Franchise Loan.  Sugar Sugar has become a franchise industry insider darling for its low cost of entry, high profit margins and superior content and marketing.

“We are thrilled for this franchisee and their future. We were always excited to be a part of this process, said Don Johnson, Diamond Financial.  Sugar Sugar is exactly the type of new business franchise solution for the next generation in franchising.”

Started in 2013 in Scottsdale, Sugar Sugar, the franchising innovator in organic skincare services, continues pushing its major U.S. expansion.  With a development goal to open 250+ thriving U.S. locations in the next 10 years, Sugar Sugar has identified many markets primed for growth across the country.  Including this particular growth in the Rocky Mountains.

“Sugar Sugar is a universal concept,” said Aimee Blake, CEO of Sugar Sugar. “Our mission has always been to follow the science – for creating unique and proprietary skin solutions for sugar waxing (sugaring), organic spray tan and natural facials/skincare products.  For ten years we’ve changed the landscape in clean beauty.  We are excited to bring our solutions to everyone.”

“The brand is the future,” Johnson added.  It’s at the intersection of two very thriving industries. The organic revolution and the beauty sector. Sugar Sugar identifies itself as the clear leader within ‘clean beauty’ transformation.”

Double digit increases in year-over-year system wide sales continue for Sugar Sugar.  Static cost of goods sold in the face of exploding inflation coupled with top-of-industry systems and technology that can only come from years of experience as brick-and-mortar solution finders suggests Sugar Sugar franchisees are better-positioned than ever for growth.  This expertise combined with Sugar Sugar’s client facing positive culture, content and systems are why more entrepreneurs are signing on to join the sugar waxing franchise, now closing in on fifty agreements to invest in Sugar Sugar’s proven business model to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams as a small business owner.

For folks interested in making a change in their professional life with Sugar Sugar, Blake says, “For us it’s about opening and growing thriving businesses.”  Blake says, “To do this, we need to pay attention to the client experience, every single time.  That’s how the service business grows.  As we bring our solutions into new markets, and further develop established territories, we are confident we can continue to deliver the optimal experience with the help of qualified franchise owners.”

About Sugar Sugar:

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Sugar Sugar has innovated and transformed the traditional hair removal/skincare salon into a thoughtfully inspired boutique experience. Created to accentuate the member and guest experience in all aspects, Sugar Sugar is more than just sugaring hair removal, natural custom facials, and organic spray tans – it’s skincare/service elevated. With proprietary products and services focused on every skin type, “Sugarists” create fun experiences within a sophisticated environment. Through its risk-free and affordable membership program, Sugar Sugar carefully considers each guest’s needs and routine by providing personalized services and convenient booking capabilities online and with the mobile app. The brand also focuses on industry leadership and elevating the profession of skincare artists and their important work by creating a healthy culture that rewards and respects their artisanal talents. 

For more information on franchise ownership, visit [email protected]. 

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